Jason Kelce is “apprehensive” about his $1,800,000 ESPN gig after leaving the Eagles

Retired Philadelphia Eagles legend Jason Kelce admitted to feeling nervous ahead of his ESPN debut. The future Hall-of-Fame center recently signed an annual $1.8 million contract to appear on Monday Night Football and admitted to having some butterflies in his stomach prior to that.
How Jason Kelce chose ESPN for broadcasting after NFL retirement

However, he does not think that is a bad thing. He likened it to when he used to play for the Eagles, saying that before every game he would feel a little nervous. Calling it healthy, he said that it led to him to play well and having respect for the opponents made him better because he was prepared:

“I’m nervous. And I think that’s good. Every game I ever played in my life, that I played really well [in], I was nervous for, at least a healthy amount. Not like to the point where you think you can’t do it, but there’s a healthy amount of respect for your opponent…

“Whenever I played a really good player I always felt like I played better, because all week I was really into preparing for this guy”

He said that his nervousness is likely to lead to a better product:

“When you put more effort into it because of that nervousness, I think it usually results in a better product. Now, once you’re out there you can’t be nervous, you just gotta go, but I think it’s healthy to be nervous with where I’m at right now”

Jason Kelce’s $1.8 million per year deal with ESPN after Eagles retirement will see him on MNF

Jason Kelce’s time away from the league was short as he will be joining ESPN this fall. He will be seen on Monday nights and playoff games. His full portfolio, as confirmed by the network, is as follows:

“The 13-year NFL veteran joins Monday Night Countdown each week (6 – 8 p.m. ET), leading into Monday Night Football throughout the regular season and ESPN’s Super Wild Card and Divisional Round playoff games… Each Monday Night Football and ESPN playoff game, Kelce will join Scott Van Pelt and Ryan Clark during halftime.”

Jason Kelce Addresses 'Emotional' Eagles Loss, Retirement Reports | Us  WeeklyJason Kelce Addresses 'Emotional' Eagles Loss, Retirement Reports | Us  Weekly

Jason Kelce achieved legendary status on the field with the Eagles and has now made himself one of the most loved football personalities through his interactions with fans and the New Heights Podcast with his brother Travis Kelce. Given how well he has done in all these very different roles, there is no reason to suspect he will be anything but a success is his new endeavor.

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