Anne Hathaway is now an inspirational beauty

Much like that iconic transformation scene in ‘The Princess Diaries’, the actress is imparting makeup wisdom one clip at a time

ROME, ITALY – JULY 08: Anne Hathaway is seen arriving at the Valentino Haute Couture Fall/Winter 22/23 fashion show on July 08, 2022, in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images)

Stay Calm(a)—Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway has fully transitioned into a bona fide beauty influencer after making her debut on TikTok less than a month ago.

Perhaps it was the time spent around her Gen-Z co-stars, Nicholas Galitzine and Ella Rubin, while filming The Idea Of You that prompted her to join the app. But irrespective of her decision to contribute to our FYP pages, we’re eternally grateful for the small-screen content Hathaway is producing from her iPhone—especially after being privy to her latest post.

Despite it only being her third video, Hathaway has plunged deep into the waters of #BeautyTok and delivered a masterclass for achieving plumper lips in a flash. (If you haven’t clicked follow yet, what are you waiting for!)

The star imparted this wisdom while on set filming a campaign for Japanese beauty brand Shiseido. While waiting between takes in the chair of her hair stylists, Hathaway said she noticed her upper lip appearing a little “wilted”. Fast forward to a search for a hairpin, Hathaway explains how the innocuous (and underrated) hair tool is her secret to perking up her pout.

ROME, ITALY – MAY 20: Anne Hathaway attends the Bulgari Aeterna High Jewelry Brand Event at Altare Della Patria on May 20, 2024, in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Pietro S. D’Aprano/Getty Images for Bulgari)

“So this is a little tip on #LipTok”, Hathaway began before sharing this genius hack. To achieve bouncier lips, Hathaway gently dabs a hairpin into her closed mouth to “stimulate” her pout and “try to get some blood flow back there”. Though she admits that this technique might have people staring at you like you’re the Hydra, the small but effective maneuver is a brilliant way of creating a fuller effect thanks to the increased volume in the area.

It’s important to use a hairpin over a bobby pin because the shape of the ridges and edge of the latter is less effective, but if you’re in a rush a small and tender pinch of your fingers should do the trick.

Of course, given the kind-hearted human she is, Hatahways’ beauty advice came with a much-needed PSA: don’t stab yourself. “If you’ve drawn blood you’ve gone too far”, she said before adding that the process is only supposed to last 30 seconds at maximum. “It’s not a Vampire LipTok. It’s just a little something to wake your upper lip up!”

If you’re interested in caffeinating your entire complexion, allow us to direct your attention to our tutorials on the viral espresso and latte makeup trends. Watch the beauty lesson in full below. Who knows, this transformation could soon become as iconic as her makeover scene from The Princess Diaries!

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