Los Angeles Angels, Who Lost Shohei Ohtani, Face Superstar Question Marks as Disaster Looms Following Uninspiring Off-Season

While replacing Shohei Ohtani is a near-impossible task, it’s surprising that the Los Angeles Angels haven’t even tried. The Halos have gone against all expectations this offseason as despite consecutive 73-win seasons and losing their biggest star, the Anaheim Angels have continued their mediocre ways. Is it the death of ambition or is this Anaheim’s belief in what they already have?

When the offseason began, fans expected some fire from the Angels. The decade-long playoff drought has left the fanbase livid and the departure of Ohtani only amplified that feeling. But there wasn’t even a spark, let alone a fire in the Angels organization. Now with the Spring Training nearing, there are serious questions regarding where the Halos are heading.

Is there any ambition in this Los Angeles Angels side?

Shohei Ohtani is a generational player, that much has always been clear. His two-way brilliance hasn’t been seen since the heyday of Babe Ruth. So to expect that the Halos would be able to completely replace him would be unfair. But to not try at all? It doesn’t make much sense. But then this also shows that the team is confident in its current structure, especially in Ohtani’s absence has opened a big DH door for them.

As The Athletic reported, “The good news for the Angels is that his departure allows them to more freely utilize the DH spot.” This could allow the Halos to get more games out of Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon. Trout, in particular, has been ravaged by injuries in recent seasons.

However, that still hasn’t answered a massive question – what about the ridiculous offensive and defensive production of Ohtani? They have added a lot of pitchers to their bullpen and that has certainly become a strength but is it enough? Sure if Trout comes back to his MVP level and young pitchers prove their mettle, the Halos can come close. But isn’t that a lot of variables to depend on?

With a payroll that is not even in the top ten currently, there’s a lot of space for the Halos. But with the offseason picking up its pace, time is rather limited for the franchise.

Are there any free agents in the Halos’ sight?

Recently two names have gotten linked with the Angels – Gio Urshela and J.D. Martinez. Urshela played for the Angels in 2023 but his season was cut short due to injuries. While there are a few teams connected to him, the Angels have reportedly made a good offer for the slugger. On the other hand, Martinez seems like an obvious fit.

Martinez lost his place in the Dodgers after the arrival of Ohtani. The 36-year-old hit 33 homers in 2023 and would be a low-cost addition to the Halos. Most importantly, he’d help in at least partially filling for Ohtani’s offensive production. But will the Angels take a chance?


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